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This year we are exploring a line of bags we call the BOX line.

The latest model we made is our Slingbag!

We love the easy access and versatility in this bag, paired with exquisite design and premium leather.

As all our bags, these are hand-made in Buenos Aires, using only locally sourced materials and superb craftsmanship.


The BOX slingback is really spacious (fits comfortably a laptop and it’s sturdy enough to carry it safely) plus a BIG sweater project and all your belongings.

The strap is looped through a brass ring (as in all our BOX bags) that allows you to carry the bag in different ways (as a bucket, shoulder bag or slingbag).
It is completely made of our signature hammered and vachetta leathers. It has one flat pocket and a clasp inside. It is not lined but comes packed inside a muslin bag that you can use as a liner for your work in progress (and to keep it from tangling).


Approx measurements: Height 34cm/13½”; Width 26cm/10½”; Base 20cm/8”.
Strap length at smallest position: 90cm/36”. Regulation can add 15cm/6”.

Approx weight: 600-700g


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