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I´m proud and extremely happy to offer these beautiful woven baskets crafted by a cooperative of artisan women belonging to the Qom people (Toba culture), one of Argentina´s largest indigenous communities. 

Currently, and due to the persecution in their rural ancestral regions, many #Qom live in the suburbs of larger cities. 

This community lives in a packed forest area called "Chaco Impenetrable" in the Province of Chaco, to the North-East of our country, called like that after its unreachable nature and hard living conditions.  

These women have woven palm leaves for ages; their knowledge having passed from mother to daughter, being their legacy.

The baskets travel all the way down to Buenos Aires by bus, with the hopes and dreams of these artisan women. This makes Chaco Bags a unique article, which embodies beauty, handicraft, ancient knowledge and history. 

This is the way we have found to share the Qom community´s spirit with you, around the world. 

Joji & Co has decided to give all profits obtained from the sale of these hand-made baskets to the members of the Qom community. This way, they don´t receive aid from the Government, but a recognition for their work and singular skills. We believe in this idea: being appreciated and rewarded for their work empowers them and makes them proud of their ancestral gift. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Our Chaco bags are one of a kind.

They are small bags. Good for 2-3 skein projects.

Hand-made and perfectly imperfect. No two bags are alike.

Approx. measurements for all of them: 23 cm (9 1/2") diameter and 12.5 cm (5") deep.

Made from Carandilla Palm leaves.


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