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These buckets were born out of scraps from cutting all our bags. Whenever we make new products, and especially those with an irregular or circular shape, we are left with many many leftovers.

You know we constantly use them up, since keeping our waste levels down helps us:

1) reduce our impact and

2) keep the costs down…

We’ve made many small items before, but we wanted to make something more significant and with more value to you. Hence, the Patchwork PAMPA Set is born!


These buckets are sold as a set: the larger is big as any Pampa Bucket, great for a 4-5 skein project. The smaller one is just too cute. It can work as a yarn bowl or as a sock project bag.
Both come with fold over handles.



Body of the bag: 100% natural waxed suede.

Handles: natural vachetta leather.


The Large one is about 8” tall and 8¼” wide. The small one is about 5½” tall.

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