Our Daily bags were initially designed to work as container bags for our larger products (EZE tote and USH weekender). We wanted a container that was worthy of such products, sturdy and useful. A bag that is not only beautiful, but also practical, that you can use inside your leather products as a removable project bag and swap around your projects.

Therefore, we used very sturdy canvas and we added a cotton-webbing handle to carry around. It is just the perfect size for any sweater project, whether you use circular or straight needles!

It is also the perfect canvas to let your creative self explore: We love the embroidered, dyed, painted, stamped versions we've seen of our Daily bags!


It is our most inexpensive bag, but to make the packing/shipping more reasonable, we've bundled them up in a group of three.


Approx. Measurements: Height 40cm / 16"; Width 36cm / 14".

100% Argentine cotton canvas and webbing.

Cord: 100% Argentine cotton.

Tag: Argentine vachetta leather.

$45 for a bundle of 3

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Items ship from Argentina and may be subject to customs fees.

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