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Meet the DELTA Bucket Tote, a new design we've been waiting for a very long time...

This huge bag has a fat round bottom with enough room for anything you may want to carry. The flat bottom helps it stay perfectly on a chair, or on the ground.

It’s made with really soft and supple smooth leather, and it has 3 pockets: one on the inside and 2 on the outside.


As all our products, they are made by hand, one by one in Buenos Aires, using only locally sourced materials and sustainable workshops and work ethics.
The handles are made using same leather cords (soft and comfortable to wear over the shoulder). This bag is not lined and it doesn’t have a top closure, to make it readily accesible for knitting.


Approx. Measurements:

Base diameter (it's a circle): 30 cm / 12"

Bag Depth: 35 cm / 14"

Handle Drop: 23 cm / 9"

Weight: 900g

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