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Bucket bags are (in our humble opinion) the most practical and beautiful type of project bags. As most knitters and crocheters, we put our knitting up and down all the time and having a big wide opening makes things so much quicker and easier.


Over the years we've designed many Bucket style bags, and we got inspired by firewood containers to design LEÑA. Leña is the Spanish word for firewood and it is pronounced Legna.


We use different materials for the body of this bag: Texured Leather, Waxed suede...


All our products are hand made in small batches by small family-run sustainable workshops. All our materials are 100% natural and locally sourced.

Base diam: 27 cm (10 ¾”)
Body length to the handle: 33 cm (13 ¼”)
Handle drop about 20cm (8”).

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