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Westknits + Joji & Co


Designed and produced in collaboration with Stephen West

Veera + Joji & Co


Designed and produced in collaboration with Veera Välimäki


Joji & Co was born as a way for Joji to expand her relationship with the knitting world while collaborating with other people, with other makers.

During our first year in business, we reached out to all kinds of leather workers, all local to us.

During our second year, we realized collaborations could go even further, asking our friends in the Knitting World to inspire us, to work together.

Ever since, our collaborative products have challenged us to find new suppliers, to open up production schedules that work with other companies. They hace prompted us to write about our muses and their work. They have challenged us to go and reach out of our comfort zone, to best represent what our collaborators dream.

When we work on a new collaboration, we honor the author. We take a step back and let the light shine on them.

Our collaborators have made us bigger and it's our true honor to represent them.

See below some of the partnerships we built in 2020/2021.

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