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Introducing our new BEEKEEPER Tote. 


Its unique hexagonal shape, coming from our line of BEEKEEPER bags, adds a touch of geometry and chicness to your everyday style. 


We love a BIG tote, so this one wasn't left behind. With a spacious interior large enough to fit your laptop, it also features a zippered top and an inside pocket to help you stay organized on the go.

This tote has enough room for your laptop and essentials, ensuring you stay organized.


You can purchase on its own or pair it with our BEEKEEPER Pouch — a cute, zippered pouch that comes with a strap to carry small essentials within easy reach, or to use it as a little notions holder. 


Tote Measurements: 50 cm / 20" x 43 cm / 17.2", handle is 25 cm / 10" tall.


Our lovely products ship from Argentina. Depending on where you are located, they might be subject to duties.


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