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Our fix is our solution to store our fixed circular needles.

The most elegant and compact case we could come up with.🖤

When we introduced IC, our interchangeable needle wallet, many of you were disappointed we didn’t have a travel-size option for fixed needles.

We really took it to heart. We thought about it A LOT. A lot of time!

All our products have something in common for us: they look stylish, they last years and years... and also, it’s imperative for us that they are compact, sleek. That they take minimal space while giving you ultimate utility.

Our FIX NEEDLE WALLET is 100% genuine leather in all its layers (no cheaper materials inside) which whill help protect all your needles forever.

It features 8 slots with a popper to keep the cables in place (swipe to see how I use it). At least 2 needles can fit inside each slot. That’s 16 needles, more than you’ll ever need to carry on a trip.


We added a flat pocket on each side to store needle gauges, scissors or other extra cables. 

The wallet is closed with a zipper around it which will help prevent any cables sticking out if you just throw your needle inside in a hurry.

We use a super gorgeous leather and we made it in 2 colors: shimmer pink and cranberry.

As always: HAND-MADE in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 100% locally sourced materials.

We hope you like them!




Our lovely products ship from Argentina. Depending on where you are located, they might be subject to duties.

FIX Needle Wallet

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