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Meet our IC (interchangeable) Needle Wallet.


For years I've looked for storage solutions for my knitting and notions that look sleek and minimal. This needle case looks like and performs as a small wallet, but has all the features that allow you to carry and protect your valuable interchangeable set of needles.


The IC Needle Wallet features 10 slots for interchangeable needle tips (ideal for 5" tips, but 4" fit too) up to 5mm. It also has 2 big zippered pockets, concealed behind the needles, to store your cables and other notions like stitch markers, scissors, etc.

A leather flap keeps your tips from falling off your wallet, and 2 sturdy snaps make sure your flap stays in place when you close your wallet.


Despite having all these features, our needle wallet is extremely compact and fits even in the smallest project bags!

Please nothe that the leather used for the burgundy color is slightly thinner than our camel/black.

We use 100% genuine Argentine premium leather to make every piece of our wallets. This is a sturdier leather than we use for our project bags. We picked a quality that is sturdy enough to protect your valuable notions, and that also ages beautifully.


All of our materials are locally sourced. The snaps we use are very strong, so we recommend opening our wallets carefully the first few times until they become a bit easier to open and close.


To create these wallets, we collaborated with a small artisan workshop in Buenos Aires, this time owned and operated by a very wonderful man.

He specializes in wallets and smaller leather goods, paying special attention to every little detail of the design. Craftmanship for smaller leather goods is very appreciated and valued in our country, and we are so happy we found an artisan that could translate exactly what we needed into this sleek looking needle case.


Approx. Measurements: Height 10cm / 4"; Width 17 cm / 6 1/2"; Depth 2cm / 3/4"

Material: 100% Argentine leather.

Aged Brass snaps and zipper pulls. 




Our lovely products ship from Argentina. Depending on where you are located, they might be subject to duties.

IC Needle Wallet

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