This is... just our little enamel pin.

We can't deny it, we also love them, and we've been dreaming of making all kinds of pins, but we decided to start with a simple one, since we consider ourselves to be simple too.


Our logo enamel pin is circular, with a diameter of 2 cm (3/4"). It has a golden finish, with white enamel background.


We hope this little accessory will embelish your project bags and remind you of us! 

We particularly recommend it with our NOLE bags ;)




- The cards containing our pins are illustrated by our friend Laura Bazzalo, a local artist who we are collaborating on a few exciting upcoming projects.


- It is hard to find companies that manufacture these accessories in Argentina. Most of these things are now imported and the factories who used to make them had to close. However, after a lot of research, we were lucky to find a company who still makes badges and medals locally, and they were happy to take this job! So once again, we're proud to say our little pins are locally produced by people who love making what they do.

Joji & Co blue enamel pin