We created these enamel pins as a tribute to all the cat Moms and Dads in our knitting community!

Within Joji & Co staff there's only one knitter 🙈 but 2 passionate cat Moms, so we just HAD to make a pin for them.


The naughty cats dream of playing with yarn... The ginger cat hangs out with a pink Pampa Bucket while the white cat naps over a blue Baúl.


They were illustrated by our friend Laura Bazzalo, who has collaborated with us so many times. Joji & Co was born as a company with a very minimal and simple aesthetic, but over the time, certain whimsical collaborations have really marked our journey and we celebrate and honor them. Collaborating with Laura and her dreamy world of characters has been a great joy.



Fully designed and produced in Buenos Aires, painted by hand, with a black finish.

ATTENTION: Because these pins are a little big, they were made with two posts on the back. They still fit our HOBO bags, but you'll have to place them slightly tilted. Check our photos for reference.


We hope this little accessory will embelish your project bags and remind you of us! 




It is hard to find companies that manufacture these accessories in Argentina. Most of these things are now imported and the factories who used to make them had to close. However, after a lot of research, we were lucky to find a company who still makes badges and medals locally, and they were happy to take this job! So once again, we're proud to say our little pins are locally produced by people who love making what they do.