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The Knitters' Caddy is our second collaboration with Tracie and Jodi from THE GROCERY GIRLS PODCAST!


The Grocery Girls and I have been friends for many, many years. In fact, theirs was the first podcast I every became addicted to. We always chatted about knitting, yarn... and then one day I started Joji & Co and we've been talking about project bags ever since.


We did a first collaboration in 2020, when we first started out... And it was about time we created a new bag together.

THE KNITTERS' CADDY was their own concept. They have been using our bags for years, so they definitely know by now what they love the most. 

This is a Medium/Large project bag, great for a sweater project or a very large shawl.

Instead of using a circular shape for the bottom, we used an oval. Sometimes it just suits us better to have a shape that's a little bit shallower. It helps us keep things more organized.


The body of the caddy is made using hammered leather. It has 2 big front pockets.

On the inside we lined the back of the back with a line of pockets too, so you can safely store your tools, patterns, phone...


We wanted comfortable handles, so we folded them to make them more ergonomic. This also adds character to our beautiful caddy ❤️. The leather used for the handles is called vachetta: it is a natural leather that looks beige when brand new, but as time goes by it tans and becomes darker and darker, resulting in a gorgeous brown shade.



Tall: 22 cm / 8 3/4"

Wide at the base: 29 cm / 11 1/2"

Wide at the opening: 37 cm / 14 3/4"

Handle drop: 17 cm / 6 3/4"

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