Joji & Co’s ultimate dream is to collaborate with Artisans from all over the world and bring their art to the crafting community.

For our 1 year Anniversary, we wanted to bring to our catalogue a product that is more affordable and inclusive, but just as special (or more!) as all our other products... We believed a canvas tote was the answer... But how to make it really significant?

We turned to our values, and the things we are grateful for. Our community.

We decided to collaborate with our dear friend Cecilia Lalanne, an illustrator from Montevideo, Uruguay. And we asked her to draw our crafting community for us. It was very important for us to look for a Latin-American women artist for this... Someone sensitive who could understand our point of view in the world.

This is our first collab... drawn in Uruguay, screen printed in Argentina.

Cecilia shares: ‘At the time this illustration was made, Joji and I had long conversations on the knit community and how we treasure all the generosity, friendship and joy that you can find there. I enjoyed working with a single line that plays, connects and wraps knitters.

The inspiration for this illustration is my longtime friend wool. Wool as a thread that connects, brings together, creates bonds. Knitting makes friends out of unlikely people from different countries and backgrounds and I find that amazing.’

This bag is big enough to hold a sweater project. It is approx. 12" wide (30 cm) and 16" tall (40 cm), so it's not too big to carry around.

It is made using 100% locally sourced thick cotton canvas by a company that teaches textile jobs while helping women and men to find a job in the local textile industry. It features handles made in the same cotton and a round bottom to help it stand on the floor (see photos!).

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