Tucu is a simple tote, with clean lines. Its name comes from the Argentine province of Tucuman, famous for its beautiful landscapes and forests. We call it ‘the garden of the country’.

It features a removable pouch/pocket on the inside, where you can keep your favorite notions, and take them with you inside a different bag if you need.

Tucu is very spacious. and it’s holding an entire blanket project in this photo. We added a clasp to close it on top, to keep it from opening too wide if you want to keep it on the floor by your side.

When we designed Tucu, we didn’t know what leather to use, and we found this remnant leather from one of our suppliers. It is very important for us that you know:

-It is NOT vachetta. It has a similar look, with natural marks and decolorations, but it is coated, more protected and it won’t age in the same way as natural vachetta does.

-The marks on the leather are not a defect or a flaw. There are markings on it to make it look natural and rustic. Please take a look at all photos to make sure you’ll be happy with the product.

-This is a limited run of Tucu, in this leather. We will make more of this design, we have decided on a final leather for it, but they won’t come back in this specific camel color.

Approx measurements for the tote:

14 ½” wide, 14 ½” tall, 6 ½” base.

Handle drop 9 ½”; Handle length 22”.

Pouch 8 ½” wide, 6 ½” base; 6” zipper opening.

$168 - 188

Prices given for our own webshop.

Items ship from Argentina and may be subject to customs fees.