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Looking for the coolest of project bags? One that can fit everything?

The CRAFT and EXPLORE line was created to celebrate the love for nature and adventure as well as our creative work. 

At Joji & Co we are full time crafters and we take our knitting, crocheting and other crafts to different places (a mountain, a new yarn shop in town, a knitting festival, a city tour). They are part of who we are, we love to share them with others and we can't imagine a moment away from them.

With these designs, we want to honor the adventurer crafter inside all of us, so we created timeless and unisex designs that adapt to an active life. We only use premium natural leather, and each piece us carefully crafted by hand in Buenos Aires.

They have a handle that you can use to knit as you go, or you can unbuckle to allow your project bag to open up fully.

The new logo that @shelli.can created for this new line of products: Craft & Explore. Shelli thought if a compass with a knitting needle and a crochet hook, pointing where your next crafting adventure begins.


Measurements: 28 cm (11") x 18 cm (7") x 15 cm (6").

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